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Newest in Science+Technology

Think fast
Published April 24, 2017
Technology developed at JHU's Applied Physics Lab could allow Facebook users to type 100 words per minute—using only their thoughts
Astronaut Kate Rubins to visit JHU
Published April 24, 2017
First person to ever sequence DNA in space visits Hopkins for a talk about her experiments, experiences aboard the International Space Station
Interdisciplinary scholar
Ribosome expert named BDP
Published April 24, 2017
Johns Hopkins biologist and geneticist has been researching the cellular structure for nearly three decades
Inspired design
Published April 24, 2017
Students win contest with inverted umbrella that deploys with the flip of a switch to help keep wheelchair users dry
Building better business networks
Published April 24, 2017
Hatch 2017 conference brings together Baltimore business leaders, current and former Blue Jays
STEM scholars
Three named Goldwater Scholars
Published April 24, 2017
Juniors Alfred Chin, Duy Phan, Fernando Vicente Zegarra recognized for academic merit in STEM fields
Going to extremes
Published April 24, 2017
MICA photographer Jay Gould creates arts based on his HEMI artist-in-residence experience
Faculty honors
Two Hopkins mathematicians named Simons Fellows
Published April 24, 2017
Nitu Kitchloo, Chikako Mese were recognized for scholarly achievement, potential impact of the work conducted during their fellowship
Small cities, big issues
Published Spring 2017
Public health researcher Debra Furr-Holden leads center in Flint, Michigan, to help address unpotable water, food deserts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Reclaimed touch
Published Spring 2017
APL is making the next generation of prosthetic limbs that not only act on thought command, but also send signals back to the brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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